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Compensated dating video

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(援助交际) shortened form enkō (援交) means "compensated dating" and is a practice which originated in Japan where older men give money and/or luxury gifts to attractive women for their companionship and, possibly, for sexual favors.

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In late 2007, in a widely circulated forum post about Shanghai middle school prostitution, one netizen wrote enviously, “There is a woman started prostitution when she was 17, seven years later, she is now 24, do you know how much money she made? But it’s not just Xiaowen, everyone in this group had the desire of over-consumption, in the sex trade industry, supply began to form.And there is no news from these three factors, all various departments shut up, despite how the media knock on the doors.A media commentator said, although the compensated dating girl incident made people of Shanghai to lose face, but this kind of exposure helps in prevention.In the news on November 7, Motel 168 near Guangling Road became the headline picture.In the news 20 neotenous female high school students, in order to have more spending money, but also don’t want to earn it through work, went into the hotel chain and became prostitutes, two of them were under 14 years of age.However there are probably more early age sexual activates in vocational schools, “after all, vocational schools students are examination-oriented education losers”.

But in Shanghai, media simply reports the case has to do with the following three factors: family, society and school.

He said, after the compensated dating girls case, people think high school students in Shanghai are more sexually active and there is a very serious problem. In the contrary, Yang Xiong is more willing to believe that because of academic pressure, seniors of junior and high school have the lowest percentage in early sexually activities.

Also because of the One Child Policy, parents are paying more attention when students go into puberty.

“We play, shop for clothes, jewelry, eat, drink and seek excitement, all need money, over time the allowance parents give us was not enough.

We came up with the idea of prostitution.” Xiaowen said.

Before 2000, the number of crime committed by outsider is around less than 600, from 2001 to 2002 the number increased to 697, a 18.92% increase rate.