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You and I have touched them via the facts of air and water.

Today, there is snow on the Sierra Nevada and Mount Charleston and Mount Baldy.What are the wildflowers trying to tell me today, the day after the drought?Something having to do less with the flower and more with the wild.(Waldo Stakes/HO courtesy of Mad Mike Hughes via AP)In this Wednesday, Nov.15, 2017 photograph, the homemade, steam-powered rocket built by daredevil/limosuine drive Mad Mike Hughes is shown on the property the man leases in Apple Valley, Cal.Most of us do not put desert marigold or hairy sand verbena in vases or bouquets.

Most of us do not invite the thistle or broom or leafless milkweed into our gardens. These bright lures, seemingly delicate, these soft fragile sex organs open and beckoning in the stunning sun of the Mojave, have waited out this drought and all others, curled in seed, guarded by spine, waiting. But in the desert, there is no such thing as a weed.

Something having to do with their tenacity and intensity—that they’ll die soon and seem to know it.

Something having to do with their resistance to domestication.

For us, we might be forgiven for thinking, until its stink corrects. Yet we now know that even when we don’t touch, we touch.

Even if you have never seen a Joshua tree, a Mojave mound cactus, a tortoise blinking out of a shortened brumation, you have touched these creatures.

Prickly poppy begs picking and then punishes with hairy needles, a kind of fiberglass.