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After some needed restoration, Brad says his car is very reliable and comfortable.

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We had twenty-seven classes of British cars represented.In our honored marquee classes, these were the winners.In the TR3 Class, Tom Willhite won 1 place with his 1968 Wedgewood Blue TR4A. Thank you from the Gold Coast British Sports Car Club to all of our members and friends who came out to Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton on Sunday, February 28. We had 165 attendees; and this year our honored marques were several series of Triumphs, the TR3, TR4, TR7 and TR8.The TR3 is a sports car produced by Standard-Triumph in England from 1955 through 1962, first as the TR3 from 1955 through 1957, then the TR3A from 1957 through 1962 and the final version TR3B in 1962.Car Show participants chose the winners by popular votes.

Our classes and awards were based on the number of pre-registered registrants.

In fact, Scott was also the winner of a very special award, which was presented by and voted upon by the Creative Workshop.

The Spirit of Restoration award celebrates an individual who survived a non-professional restoration and persevered through all of the difficult, impossible and seemingly never ending issues.

The TR4 was introduced in 1961 by the Standard Triumph Motor Company, first as the TR4 from 1961-1965, then as the TR4A from 1965-1967.

Some improvements from the TR3 to the TR4 included crank-up windows that replaced the less-convenient side curtains, an independent rear suspension, a slightly larger standard engine displacement and rack and pinion steering. The TR7 was built from 1974-1981 by the Triumph Motor Company, now a part of British Leyland, in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the Triumphs, we had beautiful MGs, Austin Healeys, Minis, Jaguars, Lotuses, Land Rovers, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces and Bentleys, Daimlers and Morgans, a 1937 Alvis and even a Cobra replica!