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Steam validating game files stuck at 100

steam validating game files stuck at 100-42

I ran from steam default shortcut first, and as i said above from launcher64 in directory, and also tried as admin and nothing.I have logs in "cppcrash" but when i open in notepad its all ascii bollocks. Hello Snacko and e RON Regarding anyone having an issue with crashes: For initial diagnostics it is best to post the full crash error you see come up.

And you guys renamed the 1csoft folder in mydocuments if you had the existing game already?If your graphics card have 1GB or less of memory consider medium or even low setting.- Shadows: Put this to Low for a boost in fps, but less smooth shadows.For Windows XP users, check the Hardware Acceleration slider in Control Panel Try installing these: https:// You might even have to uninstall the runtimes first and then install them again.Before you do this though: Make 100% sure that your OS is 64 bit - Resolution: Lower resolution is often a lot better for performance.Go to the game's save directory and remove the [username]_user_file.

Then start the game and try playing the first level without changing any options.

Because SOMA uses Open GL 3.3, your graphics card may not support the minimum version required or your drivers may be outdated even though you can run most other games (which use Direct3D).

In order to learn more visit the SOMA is automatically updated on the service you bought the game from, restart the service or re-download the game to get the latest version.

Some of these errors are easily linkable to a cause. I can run IL2 at max settings with 120 framerate so I would think my system is more than capable.

For example in the error you might see the following: The "Bad Image Format Exception" is because something is running at 32 bits (either windows or an overlay running in the background). I can run IL2 at max settings with 120 framerate so I would think my system is more than capable. I rebooted to make sure nothing else was running and got the same results.

Should something occur which hinders any progress, such as a bug or becoming stuck, it is recommended to select "Load Game" at the menu, and choose an earlier save before the problem occurs. You may also opt to try performing a Steam File Integrity Check if the same issue persists.