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Updating addressbook

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To get the OAM to immediately generate run the following command: Update-Offline Addressbook “name of offline address book”.

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Connect your i Phone to your computer, start i Tunes and make an unencrypted backup by selecting your i Phone and clicking the Back Up Now button.The import should continue in the background if you absolutely have use your phone for something, but the general rule of thumb is: the less resources are used for other apps, the faster the import will finish.If you have a new Android device and didn't install any apps that could potentially interfere with i SMSdroid (other SMS apps like e.g. If you are not using the default Messaging app, theoretically everything should work just fine - but i can't promise anything.Better safe (and charged) than sorry (and having to start over).I would also recommend just letting your phone do its thing while the import is running.('etag') # create image and upload imageend# Convert the blob to a Faraday:: Upload IO objectfile = ['avatar', avatar_extension]file.binmodefile.write blobfile.flushfileio = Faraday:: Upload file.path, 'image/png' Ring Central’s Profile Image API provides an easy way to customize your corporate directory images whether you wish to load profile images from Active Directory or create default images for your users.

If you wish to learn more about this API, please reach out to us on our Developer Community or Stack Overflow.

If it does not, and you are getting any errors or weird behaviour (other than those cases covered in the FAQ), you may want to switch back to the stock Messaging app, or even completely remove any 3rd party messaging apps.

If your Android version is very outdated or there are other reasons why you can't use the app, use the Online Converter and import your messages with the 3rd party app SMS Backup & Restore.

[注意] 本機能は、「承認権限を与えられたユーザー」「申請により送受信状況照会権限を与えられたユーザー」 および「申請により契約管理権限を与えられたユーザー」がご利用可能です。 <自社内(および授受相手)のログを参照する場合> ・承認権限が与えられたユーザーの照会範囲は「自身、および自身が承認可能なユーザーの授受」です。 ・申請頂いた送受信状況照会権限を与えられたユーザーの照会範囲は「自社内の全ユーザーの授受」です。 ・授受相手(他社)の操作ログについては「自社の照会範囲内ユーザーとの授受」に限り照会可能です。 <契約内のログ照会> ・予め契約管理権限を与えられたユーザーの照会範囲は、「その契約に紐付く利用ユーザーの授受」です。 -The approver can see the operations of users who were approved by the approver and approver itself.

-The special users can see the operations that's scope is within their company.

This article provides and overview of the Profile Image API and then walks through how to create default avatars for users that don’t have an image.